Neutrons is a youth soccer club comprised of multiple teams for youth ages 4 - 11. The Neutrons’ coaches are dedicated to building foundational soccer skills, while focusing on the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Players will have the chance to play multiple positions, learn the rules of the game, as well as understand the technical aspects of the game. Youth will partake in specialized training focusing on dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball handling skills. Most importantly players will learn that soccer is a team sport and that no matter how good any individual may be it takes teamwork and team strategy to win games. The Neutrons soccer club is aimed at youth who want to partake in a recreational soccer team.

Destined 4 Greatness Soccer Fitness Program will improve athletes’ fundamental soccer skills while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. Each high intensity training session will focus on agility, speed, and strength training. Athletes will learn all aspects of the game with specialized training in dribbling, passing, and shooting. Clients will learn strategic offensive and defensive strategies to increase their mental knowledge of the game. This program highlights the importance of being a team player as well as a leader and how to effectively communicate in a team setting. Soccer Fitness will give players the tools and skills to meet with success and change their game for the better!

Soccer Clinic

Destined 4 Greatness develops soccer players of all skill levels. This two week clinic focuses on continued growth and teamwork. Players who are new to the game will develop a foundation of fundamental skills and learn the rules of soccer. Advanced players will consistently be challenged to fine tune their skills while learning how to make strategic plays. The Destined To Be Great coaching staff celebrate effort as much as achievement and focus on personal development, learning and improving. The clinic’s teaching progression takes into account age and skill difference when grouping athletes. This clinic is aimed towards youth in 1st – 5th grade.

D4G Soccer Clinic will develop athletes’ shooting, and passing techniques, along with ball handling, and dribbling skills. Athletes will partake in various drills that will improve their footwork skills and conditioning Campers will learn the importance of reading the field so they know where the next play needs to go. Youth will learn the fundamentals of both man-to-man and zone defense and have the opportunity to practice newly learned skills during on-on-one drills and daily scrimmages.