Super Sluggers is a youth baseball team dedicated to building foundational baseball skills, while focusing on the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Players will have the chance to play multiple positions, learn the rules of the game, as well as understand the technical aspects of the game. Youth will partake in specialized training focusing on base running, fielding, pitching, and hitting. Most importantly players will learn that baseball is a team sport and that no matter how good any individual may be it takes teamwork and team strategy to win games. Super Sluggers is aimed at youth who want to partake in a recreational baseball team.

Destined 4 Greatness Baseball Fitness Program will improve athletes’ fundamental baseball skills while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. Training sessions will focus on mastering the mental, physical, and technical skills of the game. Athletes will learn all aspects of the game with specialized training in hitting, catching, fielding, base running, and pitching. Baseball Fitness will shape clients into skilled players who can effectively communicate to maximize their potential on and off the field. Whether clients are new to the game or seasoned veterans, this program will refine their skills by teaching them how to be effective team players.

Baseball Clinic

Destined 4 Greatness launches youth into the game of baseball. This weeklong clinic focuses on teaching youth the fundamentals of baseball. Players who are new to the game will develop a foundation of fundamental skills and learn the rules of baseball. Advanced players will be challenged to continue to develop skills while learning how to strategize. The Destined To Be Great coaching staff celebrates effort as much as achievement and focuses on personal development, learning and improving. The clinic’s teaching progression takes into account age and skill difference when grouping athletes. This clinic is aimed towards youth in grades 1st-8th . Snack will be provided. Campers need to pack their lunch!

D4G Baseball Clinic will develop athletes’ throwing, catching and hitting techniques, along with base running skills. Athletes will partake in various hitting drills to improve their batting stance and form. Campers will learn the importance of fielding and partake in drills, which focus on defensive strategies. Youth will learn the fundamentals of batting, pitching and fielding and have the opportunity to practice newly learned skills during daily scrimmages.

Travel Team

San Francisco Diamond Cutters is a baseball program dedicated to providing kids with the opportunity to play in games at the highest level of competition, all while developing their confidence and skills to dominate on the mound, in the batter’s box, and on the field. We create a fun, high energy atmosphere designed to maximize players' understanding of the game and ignite a passion for baseball. Our goal is for kids to build skills, have fun, and feel capable and happy on the baseball diamond.